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Unseed, simplify and enrich your analytical tool data through Tealium.

Unseed, simplify and enrich your analytical tool data through Tealium

In the world of digital analytics there are various tasks that can be asked for by your customers or a co-worker. For example, at some point you’ve tried to cross-reference information between two different analytics tools, such as combining information from a CRM and Analytics. You may have also wanted to cross-reference CRM information with your audiences in the ad tools or know in the analytics tool directly how many people have completed the offline process, i.e. how many leads ended up converting and leveraging that audience, such as car sales or enrolled schools where the final process is physical.

So why should we set up each of the tools with the same audience in different campaign managers when you could only do it once and from there feed all the necessary ones?

Surely you have passed some of the above cases and chances are you’ve had to cross excel tables to complete it and many hours of effort (or tell us how you fixed it). The worst part is that you have to repeat it every month. There are several options on the market that would help you specifically solve each of the problems. The tool we use, and one of our partners, is Tealium, a tool that allows us to integrate all the data without having multiple tools (and for the same more costs).

Tealium Universal Data Hub

Tealium is a company founded in 2008, which has dedicated itself to creating solutions that help you join information, transform it and send it to more than 1000 technology tools (information hubs),with more than 10 patents and offices in San Diego.

It focuses on 4 solutions:

  • IQ
  • AudienceStream
  • DataAccess
  • EventStream

The four tools make up the Tealium Universal Data Hub solution.

Tealium Universal Data Hub

Tealium IQ

The original tool that gave birth to Tealium: Tealium IQ, is a tag manager. This allows us, as in other Google and Adobe solutions, to centralize general and specific codes on the same platform.

Tealium IQ

This tool helps you generate data governance by generating and controlling the information that is placed on your site in a structured way. In addition, you can manage different work environments like Dev, QA and Production to test your data before you mess up your databases with testing.

Tealium IQ


This solution is not an analytics as we generally know it, nor is it a DSP. AudienceStream is an omnichannel hub that unites customer segmentation power with action engineering.

The role of AudienceStream within the universal data hub is to centralize information from different services such as analytics, publishers, DSPs and more. Look for data relationships according to the knowledge of the person who will configure the information and subsequently enrich the profiles to assign them to the type of customer that may be, in other words, where we know that a sports fan can also be a fan of cooking and possibly a potential buyer of grills for roast beef that may be located in Monterrey.

AudienceStream aims to show user behavior in real time, perform operations, locate keys (items that connect different data tables), and generate those specific customer segments or goals your business needs to generate a robust solution that you can send to tools like Facebook and Google DoubleClick.

The most surprising thing is when you find two different records, it turns out that they are the same person and makes a mixture of the two profiles into one. It does this instead of deleting, duplicating, or impersonating the profile, which helps enrich your data.

Tealium Audiencestream


Going into technical issues, your IT team typically use a data warehouse or data lake. If you don’t know about this, let’s put the above concepts as where you’re going to save your data and consume it.

Tealium DataAccess is a real-time Data Warehouse in Amazon Web Services or S3 (for technology lovers) so that this data can be consumed by the company’s internal or external systems other than one of the tools it serves in its Tealium integrations.


The newest of Tealium services, EventStream is an easy way to collect data and send it for mobile, the internet of things and connected devices in a single hub,lightweight and robust.

This introduction to Tealium is technical, but we hope to help you better understand the function and power of the databases and the crossing between them.

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Expert consulted:

Victor Garnica

Director in Effectiveness and Innovation


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