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Data Storytelling: data helps telling stories and make decisions

We are living in an era in which much of the economy is based on the powerful combination that has developed the triad communication-technology-hyperconnection, which has led to an amount of data unprecedented in the history of the world. It is because of this that disciplines such as Data Science and Big Data have gained greater relevance in the last decade. Is your company ready for this revolution?

The Data Driven Approach in Today’s Medicine

Today more than ever, data is generating insights to improve and modernize the world of medicine. In fact, the data-driven approach is driving innovations in the health industry such as robotics, remote diagnosis or, as is clear now, to fight a pandemic with real-time access to global information and that allows decision making on time.

What is gtag.js and what is it for?

Global Site Tag is a library (a set of javascript variables, functions and programs that we can load on our site) designed to use the entire Google suite and third parties. It also simplifies labelling, exchange and analysis between different products. Gtag.js makes processes much easier by keeping tags from different products in one place …

Unseed, simplify and enrich your analytical tool data through Tealium

In the world of digital analytics there are various tasks that can be asked for by your customers or a co-worker. For example, at some point you’ve tried to cross-reference information between two different analytics tools, such as combining information from a CRM and Analytics. You may have also wanted to cross-reference CRM information with …

The best tools for data visualization (dashboards)

Every day, we are exposed to indicators that help us verify that everything is working as it should or that you need certain adjustments to do so. From the tiny battery that shows us the remaining charge of our smartphones, to the car dashboard with detail of speed, gasoline and performance of our vehicle.

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