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UTEL Case Study

UTEL case study at Think with Google

We presumed them that he appeared in Think with Google our success story at AdWords UTEL one of our customers, the University 100 online UTEL,where the focus is on the use of Similar Audiences for the search network, with the aim of generating conversions, in this case, filling out a contact form, focusing on users with similar behavior to those who have already converted.

One of the achilles heels in Mexico, as we all perceive, is education, often the abandonment of education is due to external factors such as the need to work, the distance from the house or work to school, the lack of time, in short. UTEL saw the opportunity to cover a sector of the population that wants to overcome but lacks time to do so, giving the online study the 100th of high school, bachelor’s degrees, engineering, diplomas and postgraduate degrees as a solution.


  • Increase conversions (digital form)
  • Increase click-through rate (and reduce cost per click)
  • Stay ahead of the curve by testing new strategies in campaigns.

The approach was to use AdWords’ similar audience functionality, in two search campaigns: “online bachelors” and “online universities”, taking it a step further in the digital strategy used the functionality already outlined to fine-tune the reach to the target audience:

Men and women 18-34 years old, who are looking to study online mainly because of the need to keep working.

What happens here is that the Similar Audiences feature (launched in early June 2017), for the search network takes the remarketing list and finds users with similar online behavior, so that the advertiser can achieve more valuable traffic, i.e. similar to those who have already converted, for example, in this case it may have been those who compared online universities , tuition, or perhaps online courses.

In addition to this digital strategy,it is due to the time of purchase in which the user is located, allowing them to establish a very specific message to users who were already considering online studies, in case you do not remember, the moment is Think or Consideration.


  • For the search for “online universities” the total number of people who successfully completed the form increased 63.5%,the click-through rate grew 26.5% and the cost per click was reduced 24.5%
  • For the “online licensing” campaign the total number of users who left their data increased 16.9%,the click-through rate rose 10.7% and the CPC dropped 29.2%
  • And for both campaigns they were most successful at all, getting more people in Mexico one step closer to completing their higher education studies.

Before you run to apply this in any campaign, always remember to be clear about your user’s campaign objective and experience, what time are you at? What would I like to find (as a user) regarding X service/product?

Tell us what you think of similar audiences for search and display campaigns, we want to hear from you.


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