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The new Google Analytics

The new Google Analytics and how to take advantage of its customer-centric benefits

As always, at Extendo we encourage customers to make data-driven marketing decisions and this is easier with the new version of Google Analytics, which has a customer centric approach and brings machine learning functionalities.

Many companies or businesses are already familiar with the metrics that we obtain from the tool, which analyze visits on different digital platforms, however, the recent launch offers data to know more about customers and anticipate their behavior, so follow our recommendations so that you can take advantage of its new features now.

First, it is convenient to list the news that Google Analytics 4 offers and that are activated when a digital property is configured for the first time.

  • Use advanced machine learning models to make predictions. For example, customers who tend to stay or those who leave, as well as the income that a group of consumers can leave.
  • Join metrics based on the client, instead of having data according to a specific platform, be it website, mobile or app.
  • It has simpler user acquisition or engagement and retention reports to find useful marketing information, depending on the phase of the customer journey that interests you.
  • Alert on trends in data, for example, products with an increase in demand.
  • You can know how a client interacts in the various digital properties of the business.

In your favor

The Google Analytics 4 tool was designed taking care of the privacy of online users and this encourages companies to be more skillful and intelligent in the use of “first party data” in order to identify the same customer on the web, mobile or app.

It also gives a broader and more complete vision from the moment a customer is acquired, to conversion and retention, that is, throughout the cycle and thus companies can increase their efficiency in terms of their marketing budgets.

Specific recommendations

  1. When creating a new property, the new Google Analytics 4 will be used by default.
  2. If you already have properties (accounts) in the tool, you must do a good planning to migrate because the data is not imported from one version to another.
  3. Start with the new version and work in parallel with both for about six months until you have a cumulative volume of data that allows you to take advantage of advanced prediction capabilities.
  4. Little by little, locate the elements that tell you what can potentially happen to your customers.
  5. Implement strategies with the results of the data.


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