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Coca Cola at home

The great ones move to D2C omnichannel

Currently, digital media is gaining popularity, some of the most recognized brands are creating their native e-commerce to offer products online and give the consumer the option to get the product they want from the comfort of their home. This is generating a change in the distribution chain, becoming a D2C (direct to consumer) channel, which enables the consumer one more option to reach the product and helps the brand directly understand the needs of its consumers. To be able to exemplify what this is about, we present 3 brands that are making changes to speak to their customers directly, through their respective e-commerce.

Coca-Cola at home

Coca-Cola is one of the world’s best known brands, and has decided to bet on a new digital commerce channel, so they launched the Coca-Cola platform in your home—currently only available in Monterrey—which has the availability of a wide variety of its products. You can order soft drinks, purified water, sports drinks, juices and nectars, Frutsi, Santa Clara and AdeS milk from home.

The strategy coca-Cola planned for its e-commerce has a distribution plan that seeks to benefit its consumers, offering multiple advantages for lovers of Coca Cola products that buy on its platform. Some benefits are: free shipping to your doorstep, discounts and exclusive promotions. . In addition, the platform offers subscription functionality, in which orders can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

If basic consumer products, such as milk and bottled water, are moving towards digital, we can only imagine the different products and services that tomorrow will be available through the web.

Coca Cola at home


This technology brand is committed to e-commerce to bring its products to customers. It has home equipment options or if you prefer a more suitable equipment to work you can find very detailed descriptions to make a successful purchase decision.

It is worth noting this e-commerce by the level of configuration that allows you to do, another example is Apple with the Macstore. This opens a window for users, because, instead of letting it be the department store and the items in stock that have only at that time what defines the computer that you will have, this type of e-commerce, lets the user configure the product at their convenience, whether it requires a more powerful graphics card to edit video , perhaps a better processor for large amounts of data or extra storage.

E-commerce can go beyond just one product, you can configure it to your liking, imagine in the future when you can decide which engine your car will have, what chassis, tank, safety options and more, thus paying only what you really want to have and consider valuable.

E-commerce definitely keeps changing our consumption habits and goes for more. In your opinion, where do you think e-commerce is headed, leave us your feedback.


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