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The best tools for data visualization

The best tools for data visualization (dashboards)

Every day, we are exposed to indicators that help us verify that everything is working as it should or that you need certain adjustments to do so. From the tiny battery that shows us the remaining charge of our smartphones, to the car dashboard with detail of speed, gasoline and performance of our vehicle.

Displaying this information graphically allows us to interpret data quickly and take action in a timely manner, such as connecting your phone to the power and making a quick stop at a gas station.

In the marketing, data analysis and business operation environment there are also key indicators that are set according to business objectives, and need to be constantly monitored to assess the company’s health and goals.

Developing a dashboard will allow us to display this information graphically, so that it is agile its interpretation and analysis, detecting problems and opportunities to achieve the objectives more easily, as well as the gasoline indicator gives us a ratio instead of saying that we have “10/80L” available.

Currently the market offers us different tools for the visualization of data, or dashboards, in an agile and simple way (well, as long as we know what data we want to observe). Here are some options and their features:


Without a doubt, Data Studio is one of the most popular and easy to use tools. It is free and connects in real time directly with other tools like Google Analytics, Adwords and BigQuery without requiring additional implementation. It has payment options from other developers to connect with more platforms like Facebook ads. It does not require additional software installation and a site that can be viewed on both desktop and mobile and requires an Internet connection for editing is accessed through the browser.

Your dashboards are stored in google drive, where you can manage them together with the rest of the files that you have saved, from there you can choose administrators or share the report for viewing, allowing other people to see and interpret the results more easily.

For Abacus, like Google Partner, this is one of our favorite tools to share specific campaign results, KW and more with customers. And while it does require a learning curve, once you “grab” the tool, it’s quite intuitive to create and edit reports.


Microsoft Power BI is a set of tools designed for Business Intelligence, from the data editor and modeler, to apps to visualize dashboards from smartphones and tablets. You need to download and install the software available for all major operating systems. The free version allows you to use the tool and connect to a wide catalog of platforms with the available connections. If you need to process a very large volume of data,s as well as share and collaborate in the editing of your documents, you can request a special package according to your needs.

The tool itself is quite intuitive and powerful, because it uses an interface with which we are familiar with Microsoft systems, however, we must have well-thought-out the indicators, data maps and dimensions that we want.


Another option recognized as one of the best BI platforms for manipulating data and crafting dashboards is Tableau. It also requires the installation of software available for PC and Mac OS X, with a 15-day free trial, after which you will have to choose from the options available according to the functionalities you require. Available connections are free of charge, so you won’t need to invest any more once you’ve purchased the license.

It’s an excellent tool balanced between ease of use and power, of course, it has a learning curve, but if you have well planned what data you want to observe and compare, the curve is simpler and the insights you get most valuable. As Tableau partners, it’s also one of our preferred tools for analyzing data in depth and empowering decisions.


The Quilkview platform supports us to develop connections to API’s (Application Programming Interface), so knowledge in programming languages helps to get the better out of this tool (although it can also be a requirement).

The Sense version is free and allows you to analyze and create dashboards by uploading and manipulating information directly from your responsive site or with your software, with the limitation of sharing up to 5 people. Direct connection to databases and multi-person editing is limited to the pay service that can be tested for 30 days at no cost.


In short, these are the options we show you and their main features:



creation features

Studio by Google
Power BI by
Tableau QlikView
Browser Platform Navegador Software Software and Software
Dashboard that are stored in the space available in Google Drive. Modeling, creating Dashboards, and dedicated servers. Data manipulation, Dashboard creation, and dedicated servers. Manipulation and creation of Dashboards in the cloud, with the option to buy more space.
Connectivity with other tools Directly with Google tools, with the option to purchase new connectors from other developers. Excel, Databases, Azure, Google, Facebook and more digital tools. Excel, Databases, Google, and more digital tools. Dashboard templates developed by other users and tools to create connections with others.
Price Totally free. Connectors to additional tools can incur additional costs.

BI Desktop free.

BI Pro: USD 9.99 per user per month.

BI Premium: per node per month. It depends on the needs of the company.

From 35 to 42 USD per month with 15-day trial.

Free Cloud Basic.

Cloud Business 25 USD per month per user, with custom plan option.

Smartphone From the direct browser on the site. With application. With application. From the direct browser on the site.

Having a dashboard with the main indicators will be of great help to stay on top of your business. There are many options to generate and maintain your information, so we recommend you know its offer, both free and paid, which will allow you to choose the best tool to meet the needs of your business and obtain information and insights that will help you take it to the next level.

Expert consulted:

Elmer Alejandre

Digital Analytics Specialist


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