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The ad strategy in Gmail

Most people who have Gmail may have come across something like this:

Gmail capture

Well, this is part of Adwords' Gmail ad strategy.

We well know that email marketing or e-mailing is the mass sending of information to customers (habitual or potential) via email, because then Adwords ads in Gmail inboxes are part of email marketing. That said, well-segmented, so as not to fall into spam or spam.

The ad strategy in Gmail

Part of the email marketing goals you can leverage for your business are:

  • Frequent and close communication with the customer.
  • Increase sales.
  • Increase cross-selling opportunities.
  • Generate and increase brand recognition.
  • Learn more about the target audience, allowing you to segment it more and more efficiently.
  • Generate loyalty.

If you're still wondering what are the benefits of implementing this strategy in your company?

I’m telling you:

  • A lower cost.
  • Quickly and efficiently reach audiences segmented by countless variables (geographical, demographic, social, etc.).
  • Enables lower-cost error correction.
  • Allows real-time measurement of results.
  • It generates a direct relationship with the client by obtaining more information about him and his needs, which I repeat, will help him segment.

The digital universe is as strong as the number of Google records, and probably your company or store doesn’t need all of them, but at MiWeb we can help define which ones are more strategic for your business.

Contact us and we will gladly talk to identify the best way to support your product or service idea.


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