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Stop all organic activity on social media (Looking for profitability)

By Amanda Esteban and Amanda Jimenez.

Avinash Kaushik is one of the most important gurus in the digital medium, this makes him really interesting for his blog. Peeeero, sometimes gets more excited about the account, as in this case, where it takes the time to tell us in a little more than 10 pages about Social Media and how to profitably solve the actions we take on them.

So, here’ a summary of the most important points Kaushik mentions in his article.

The best thing a brand can do is build meaningful relationships where the type of long-term connections exist, where something of value is given in exchange for their attention. In addition, periodicity has great significance, as it becomes familiarity with the brand and loyalty to the customer who expects something from you.

For its part, Avinash attaches great importance to value content, content that brings something else to the user, such as: if you are a travel agency, why not contribute valuable information about places where people can go, expose the most amazing places in the world, help people travel in the best way with tips , videos, photos, etc. Help people create moments of happiness with their content and don’t just focus on selling and giving discount coupons.

For Kaushik, the most important thing is to invest, but not only economically but also in that creative and valuable content that will make the user interest in us.

Users no longer pay attention to brands that only promote, in fact they have almost no interaction and ignore them.

In fact if you took a promotional post organically and we take applause rate, (number of reactions/potential audience size), conversion rate (comments/potential audience size) and amplification rate (amount of actions/potential audience size) the results are likely to make us cry. That’s why Avinash invites us to stop being stingy and start s moving a budget to Social Media, because otherwise, why be on social media?

Why allocate budget? Because not all followers are relevant.

This simple shift from organic goals to specific paid goals will give you the only thing your social media marketing strategy lacked: Purpose.

Now it’s easy to define why the hell are you spending money on social media? To drive short- and medium-term results of brand and performance.

From here, all you have to do is give a purpose to the money intended and know what to measure with relevance to the business (KPI’s). For this it is recommended to follow Avinash’s See, Think, Do and Care strategy.

Then, do more social publicity if the metrics you measure show an impact and everything improves in the business and eliminate these paid social efforts if they don’t.

This will mean a different social content strategy, a different segmentation strategy (taking advantage of rich social cues) and a different landing page/app strategy. User and end-to-end business optimization appropriate.

Finally, Kaushik urges companies to start thinking more about humans, to allocate budget to understand users and give value content with paid strategy.

Full article: Stop All Social Media Activity (Organic) Solve For A Profitable Reality


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