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Sorteos TEC

Industry: Education

Sorteos Tec opted for data-driven marketing that led to digital sales growth of up to more than 230% over the previous year in various giveaways.

Data Driven Marketing underpins achievements of Sorteos Tec

Marketing driven by data has been the basis of the actions that Sorteos Tec has carried out, which has led to growth of up to more than 230% in digital sales and decreases of up to 78% in its CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) compared to giveaways in previous years.

More than 70 years ago, the first raffle was held for the construction and collection of the Tecnológico de Monterrey library, one of the most prestigious Mexican universities in Latin America. Currently, the objective of Sorteos Tec is to support Líderes del Mañana, the program that grants students 100% scholarships to study a professional career, hence the importance of improving results in terms of profitability.

The business challenge was to develop a unique value proposition that would champion the cause and drive sales from online media. To do this, the main challenge was to digitize the operation to facilitate the purchase in digital media, increase ticket sales and achieve a target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) per product.

It was then necessary to make agile and correct decisions on advertising investment and budget distribution to find a new market niche, the above based on specific tactics derived from a digital strategy.

The first step was to know the buying behavior of the customers for each of the draws, how they contributed according to the sales channel, the profile of the type of consumer, the audiences they had and their digital behavior, as well as what was said in social networks and the context of those who did not buy. All this is made up of listening to your own data, third parties and qualitative information.

When conducting the analysis, we focused on the purchase flows (according to the product and consumer behavior), the media (which contributed to the purchase objective, or the own or third- party audiences that show interest), and the own channels to detect concerns and opportunities in the conversation of users.

Finally, acting is the main thing within Data Driven Marketing, so solutions or tools such as machine learning, advanced segmentation, brand positioning, reaching new audiences and a message focused by product and stage were activated.

The results came in and the correct segmentation achieved a 58% decrease in cost per click, as well as a 60% CTR increase in advertising campaigns. The reliability ofGoogle Analytics data reached 95% and also improved the efficiency of search campaigns.

We delivered a solution under the main KPIs on the website that would support decision making, a labeling guide was generated to capture measurements and Google Analytics was configured to have valuable information; A content strategy was also carried out under the framework of “See, Think, Do, Care” to be able to show relevant messages to each user based on their commercial intention with the brand and to measure the results of each effort.

In Data Driven Marketing, the measurement of the advertising tools must be updated to obtain reliable data on sales, according to the channel, and thus know the transactions at the product level and the detail of which advertising and content efforts work to generate brand, consideration, buy and re-buy.

Thus, Sorteos Tec represents a success story that was imposed on digital and business challenges in order to increase the sale of online tickets more easily in the process, reduce the cost per acquisition, develop a value proposition for the students and also promote offline sales, from new channels.


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