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Part III. Chronicle of online tics: website and shopping

On July 26, 2016, El Financiero UNIMER’sRed 506 study was presented.

It studies the behavior of users with the internet, social networks and technology.

Chronicle of Internet Tics Technology and Cellular

Of the entire population interviewed on 78% he considers technology to be a support at work and in the studio.

So, we must not doubt it, if we have a website where we give valuable information, credible and useful, serve our customers and offer a good experience of usability, the website could even become more consulted than social networks.


Three-quarters of respondents have purchased online and the 33% often do so between 1 and 3 months.

What is the most famous platform?

Amazon, followed by free market, ebay and wish.

Why do we shop in foreign stores and not in premises?

Because they are looking for better prices, variety, security (at the browser level) and warranty. When an attic buys locally in digital stores it does so because the product arrives faster and logistics is easier, but stop counting.

Locally, users see more cons than pros because:

  • There are no robust local online shopping platforms.
  • If the product comes out bad, it doesn’t resolve easily.
  • There are no information or answers online.

Then? To put the “batteries” with local e-commerce.


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