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Part II. Chronicle of Internet Tics: Social Media

On July 26, 2016, El Financiero UNIMER’sRed 506 study was presented.

It studies the behavior of users with the internet, social networks and technology.

A 78% follows brands on social networks, of which 44% wants to have an opinion on products, 42% wants to have an opinion on their advertising and the 31% wants to propose ideas on new products or services. What do the data tell us? That we should listen to them, take into account their suggestions, respond, thank and take advantage of the interaction that they alone seek.

Chronicle of Internet Tics Technology and Cellular

To all this, you want useful information and there are 2 strong reasons why you stop following a brand:

  1. 57% because they don’t publish useful information
  2. 40% Because they ignore comments, not only theirs, but those of other users.

How do we interpret this?

They want more content, informative and value to their lives and they expect their comments and others to be resolved, we go back to the same thing, they want them to listen to them, take them into account, resolve and take advantage of feedback.

Keep in mind that some other things that users like to see on social media are interested in social causes and high emotional posts.

On the contrary, men and young people of high socio-economic level abhor issues of ambience, in general 41% are bored with issues of sexual diversity and gender, and women love the content of personal self-improvement, with the exception of low socioeconomic women.

What do brands do wrong?

  • They don’t put the prices: most consider that the price is important in publications and when they don’t give it they can lose a customer, and the “story” that the competition can “copy me” is not valid. The competition can learn many other ways about aspects of the brand and the products or services we provide. In the end the user makes a decision for ease of information and quality.
  • Inquiries are not immediately answered: They want immediacy, speed in service and inquiries.
  • They don’t post complete contact information: check your general information on your social networks Do you have schedules, map, phone number, means of payment, contact by mail or phone? Otherwise, complete and optimize as much as you can in this section.
  • Unattractive promotions: and here they refer to privacy. The user does not like the “share, comment, like the post and page contests and tag 5 friends in the comment and in their sharing”. They find it excessive, invasive (because they don’t want to show these posts to their friends on the wall) and too much for a contest or promotion. Avoid!

On the other hand, let's look at network by network.

  • Facebook: Still the king with the most active accounts, more than 90% of the interviewees have Facebook, although compared to last year its popularity dropped by 3%.
  • Instagram: Increased its popularity by a 24% this social network of photographs is focused on young people between the ages of 18 and 34. What’s your trend? They show “the best version of their life”,share photos, follow friends, celebrities or brands (33%) and use filters to enhance their photos.
  • Twitter: It is more common among men and young people between the ages of 18 and 24, its usefulness is more than all focused on how quickly they learn about the news.
  • Pinterest: A niche social network focused mostly on women and people of high socioeconomic status, in which they seek inspiration for home, nutrition, fashion, infographics and create boards.
  • Snapchat: For people between 18 and 35 years old. What are you doing? They see the stories of their friends, they look for entertainment and the 21% sees stories of brands or companies.


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