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Part I. Chronicle of Internet Tics: Technology and Cellular

On July 26, 2016, El Financiero UNIMER’sRed 506 study was presented.

It studies the behavior of users with the internet, social networks and technology.

Of the entire population interviewed on 78% he considers technology to be a support at work and in the studio.

Chronicle of Internet Tics Technology and Cellular

What do you mean by technology?

Mobile devices, tablets, cell phones and laptop and desktop computers. On the other hand, the 67% considers it to be a channel for communicating with other people and the 36% ensures that technology saves them time in transactions (banks and purchases).

In this study

Women had a lot of influence on the results, as most believe that the internet helps them in their children’s schoolwork, saves them time on transfers and payments and works as a professional update tool.

In addition, they not only consider it a tool, but also a companion, as it is a guide to the behaviors of their children, they have more time with themselves and consider it a means of entertainment and expression of feelings.

“Sleep at the same time at my bed or under my pillow” was the most shocking phrase, why?

Because many of us realized that it is true, because we indirectly realize the obsession we have with the device, and the data prove it: a 51% checks his cell phone at least every 15 minutes,time that did not change from last year’s, a 83% uses the internet via your smartphone,73% uses your laptop and 42% with your tablet.

Finally the 71% thinks it’s pretty up-to-date with the technology.

We move on to contradictions:

61% believes that dependence on devices is a negative consequence of technology, the 48% blame (technology) of sedentary lifestyles and the 34% says it robs them of hours of sleep, and yet they do nothing to change this.

The study mentions: “His life has been mechanized. You can’t imagine your daily tasks without technology. At the same time they try to maintain their privacy and contact with their social and individual environment.”

This phrase brings up another very interesting and important topic for users. We must take into account their privacy and avoid being invasive with advertising, because now they decide what to do, what to see and when to see it, they have control over everything that comes to them.

One of the data we liked the most was the fact that the 74% of the interviewees prefer to receive information about their brand by email. Which takes a big step to gmail ads and bulk email submissions.


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