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Lessons learned, the important thing about Google Week Colombia

On October 10, 2016, Google Week Colombia started and our colleagues Eulices and Irene were present at the event.

Google week has two modules, one technical and one marketing, but according to our colleagues there are certain important points to emphasize that we want to share with you.

First Mobile, Video and Audiences

This is mostly about a user experience. According to data presented that week, approximately 80% of the world’s adults will have a smartphone.

What does this tell us? That any experience for our users must be designed from mobile. A website, content, apps, anything should be designed to be optimized on mobile and that our users are satisfied with being able to view the information well and find exactly what they are looking for and want.

Within the entire mobile experience comes a fairly important point to consider: video. Now it’s more consumed by a cell phone than other devices, so from Google we’re invited to think more about campaigns for YouTube and social networks than for TV.

This directs us to a new topic: audiences, audiences that we usually assume or assume, which is not bad, but it’s best to make sure that what we’re doing is well directed at that person we love.

During the week Google spoke and discovered two new audiences:

  • Children who use tablets know how to use YouTube, by which they are influenced and “send” to their parents based on the influence they have received.
  • Viejennials: older people who have time and money and are connected to their mobile. This audience is increasingly increasing and is ignored by those who are engaged in campaigning and advertising pattern.

What brings us this issue? That Google’s best recommendation for this week was not to create media plans, but audience plans in which they engage, viralize and improve brand positioning organically, a situation that also helps in campaigns.

Something needs to be clear, the best ads are stories and now it’s time to start creating stories to share them by the right means with the right users without forgetting new and prospective customers and users.

We leave two stories presented during the event.


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