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GOOGLE WEEK Colombia 2017

Last 10,11,12 and 13 October was the long-awaited Google Week Colombia October 2017, an event that takes place twice a year in April and October, it brings together countries from the region of Central America and the Caribbean.

On this occasion we were my partner Yarelis Fallas and I, Amanda Jiménez, and I have to tell you that the experience was amazing, they are workshops of topics that are trending throughout the digital field, from the most basic to the most technical, this year we had the opportunity to go to both events in April and October, and the learning is quite , the exchange of knowledge not only with exhibitors but with colleagues from all over the region is of great value as well.

The theme of programmatic was super interesting and in fact it was one of the many talks that caught my attention more, from the concept that barely had it positioned in my mind to how it is the operation and how this pile of tools have and will come to help each of us that we find ourselves in this great sea of knowledge and change.

Programmatic for those we like not know much is the automation of the purchase and sale of online advertising, as the world has changed so has the model of advertising consumption and sale of it.

Well many must be thought yes but how does this amazing taaaaan work, this is given through auctions and bookings of spaces within a site and is done through Double Click Biz Mannager and the Double Click for Publishers, it works very similar to Adwords and all the magic happens in the Double Click Ad ExChange and in the Double Marketplace Click where you select the places in which you want the ad Leave

There are different types of programmatic purchase, the open auction, the private auction, the preferential agreement and the guaranteed one and each of these has its characteristics.

It’s a new and interesting world so I invite you to keep up because you already know that this digital thing always changes.


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