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Observe your customers in November

Get ahead of the year-end sales and “watch” your customers

Sanitary measures for Covid-19 are still being followed and, although some are already going out to the streets, many prefer to remain in confinement as a precaution, which has influenced the increase in online sales. The end of the year season is approaching, so to get the best out of the season it is necessary to focus on consumer behavior. Here are some recommendations to be well prepared.

Steps to follow

One by one, apply the following tips to help you reach your planned goals for end-of-year online sales:

  • Take into account these date ranges to build your media plan and prepare to receive your visitors:
    • El “Buen Fin” is the event that opens the end of the year season in Mexico. Consumer interest begins approximately 25 days prior
    • Interest in Black Friday starts a week before
    • Interest in Cyber ​​Monday occurs as soon as Black Friday ends

These are the moments when users start searching, researching, comparing. It is normal for your conversion rate to decrease at those times, however, take advantage of those visits to remarketing a few days later or show an attractive opportunity that invites those visits to become transactions.

  • Check your website’s optimization and organic positioning: keywords, titles, descriptions, URLs, as well as the most prominent search results in your category.
  • Take advantage of the list of contacts you already have to inform them in advance of the special opportunities you will offer, either by email or Display and Video ads.
  • Experiment with dynamic ads. User intent and learning from platforms like Google and Facebook are a powerful combination for reaching audiences that are more likely to convert. Remember that learning and optimizing campaigns takes time, start testing now!
  • Develop compelling content that responds to the search queries that users may have during the season. Think about your “micro moments”, what do you want to know before, during and after buying?
  • Ensure a good user experience from start to finish: use testing tools, check the loading speed on your site, test that the content you want to display looks good across different screen sizes and operating systems.
  • Optimize your purchase process: can it be done in fewer steps? Do you have the payment methods that your customers are interested in? Is there the possibility of paying offline?
  • Get ready to measure the satisfaction of your customers once they have completed a transaction. You can do it through surveys, social listening, an analysis of recurring customers, etc.
  • As soon as the season is over, rebuild a close relationship with your clients for next year.


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