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Digital Intelligence 2017

Digital Intelligence Summary 2017

The digital analytics event for the fourth consecutive year brought together certified partners in Google Analytics in the region to share case studies of different verticals, market trends, industry betas, all about Digital Analytics.

On June 8th at the Hotel W Polanco, the Digital Intelligence 2017 took place, where Digital Analytics experts from Peru, Costa Rica, Chile and certainly Mexico, met to share advanced digital measurement topics and the impact of digital measurement on the fulfillment of our customers’ business objectives.

The event began with Google’s Nuno Neves who gave the introduction to the event. He talked about the measurement opportunity in the Mexican market. He invited brands to always measure.

He followed him Scott H Herman,the Product Manager of Google Tag Manager, who unveiled what’s new in Google Analytics 360,and reiterated Google’s commitment to improving and automating its products, driving google’s ability to adapt and find patterns in users by allowing Better “target” our campaigns.

Then speakers Paul Fervoy of Mi Web – Costa Rica, Rodrigo Carvajal of Mentality Web – Chile, Bellye Huatuco of Neo Consulting – Peru and Diane-Axelle Pons from Abacus – Mexico, we were told about case studies by specific industries, addressed case studies of e-Commerce, Retail during seasons such as Hot Sale, the integration of efforts of different media in Analytics how important it can be to have centralized data and the impact that can generate on decision making.

Our partner Diane told us about the financial industry and as a comprehensive plan that includes measurement, campaigns and A/B testing can boost growth in even one of the sectors where it is hardest to win user trust.

The event ended with a few brief words from our chief in Abacus, Hebert Hernandez, about continuing the work of building a data-driven decision-making culture, and we understand why, they can save business.

Finally, the event was super interesting and is another step to the construction of a better digital ecosystem throughout LATAM, excellent participation of the attendees and of course a shout to the organizers of the event and the Hotel W Polanco for such distinguished service and such a tasty meal (sorry if they saw a guy aptrolling the sandwiches , it was probably me!).


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