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Digital Intelligence LATAM Peru and Chile bring together experts in Google Analytics

Digital Intelligence LATAM Peru and Chile bring together experts in Google Analytics

MiWeb is part of a strategic alliance with Google Analytics Partners in Chile, Peru and Mexico, Mentality Web, Neo and Abaco respectively.

On October 27, 2016, THE Digital Intelligence LATAM was held in Peru, one of the most important digital analytics in Peru, organized by Neo Consulting in partnership with Belcorp.

The event was attended by Madhu Kallazhi, Senior Software Engineer at Google. Kallazhi was responsible for exposing the new releases planned by Google Analytics, with “User Centric Analytics”, Google seeks a user-centric analytics approach, thus better understanding customers and their behavior to offer them greater relevance.

Google saw this as an opportunity, as the decision is not only made based on consumer travel but also on the business approach that looks user-oriented and oriented.

Kallazhi made it clear that marketers need support from consumer-based analysis tools and techniques to have a complete vision and thus act the best at the best time for the right person.

Afterwards Hebert Hernandez, Director of Abacus Metrics, spoke about “Actionable Metrics”.

Hernandez showed the success story of Mexican airline AeroMéxico. In this, he demonstrated the importance of measuring all the most important points of contact with customers.

He explained how using Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360 Suite and Google Tag Manager, insights could be found more relevant to the company’s decision-making. Information about internal web searches and dates were calculated was captured to find relationships between total searches / total purchases or travel anticipations by destination and period.

Daniel Guajardo, Senior Consultant at MentalityWeb, explained the Enhanced Ecommerce case of the Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello in Chile.

The case shows how the implementation of the Enhanced Ecommerce tool on the university’s website, which provided a Scholarship and Benefits simulator, helps improve digital analytics reporting and thus the quality of information to make business decisions and improve conversions.

Our digital analyst, Paul Fervoy, shared the success story of Grupo MedLegal, a service company that generates sales through leads.

The case shows how implementing ad campaign tracking, coupled with Client ID configuration, and integrating sales CRM information resulted in better lead quality.

Finally, it was concluded with a panel consisting of Juan José Duffoo – Commercial Director of Cineplanet, Ricardo Fortes – Commercial Manager of the El Comercio Group and Adelberto Muller – Marketing Director of Peruvian Supermarkets. They shared experiences within their industries and their vision of digital penetration. All three agreed on the growing importance of digital analytics to their businesses.

Paul traveled again to Chile to participate in the Latam Digital Intelligence on November 3, 2016, where he also met attendees around the latest trends in Analytics and Digital Marketing. Madhu Kallazhi and Scott H. Herman of Google Inc. San Francisco and California were some of the participating speakers.

One of the most acclaimed talks was that of Scott H. Herman, Product Manager Google Tag Manager of Google Inc. California con “Adapting to Modern Marketing with the Google Analytics 360 Suite”. The leader of the global Google Analytics Premium implementation team, he delved into the possibilities offered by Google Analytics 360 and its effectiveness in building digital strategies from start to finish.

Daniel Falcón, Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Neo, explained “Innovation and Digital Transformation”, emphasizing the duty that companies have to create and distribute value.

Falcón mentioned the main challenges that organizations face, including taking their Marketing strategies beyond numbers. “We don’t value the experience: In most cases, only to financial KPIs,” Falcón said, resulting in negative or unconventional experience, generating poor results for the company.

For him, the data must be at the service of the experience, because behind every interaction (sessions, clicks, abandonments and conversions) there is a user, a human being. This leads to an ongoing challenge within organizations, which must constantly adapt to major changes in the industry, representing an opportunity to generate new products, services and business models.

Pablo González, CEO of Mentality Web, continued with “How to Scale in Programmatic”, a simple explanation of what programmatic buying is and how it promises to profoundly change the way Display media is contracted and managed.

Diane Pons, Digital Analysis Manager at Abacus Metrics continued the afternoon with “Actionable Metrics in Aeromexico”. His exposure focused primarily on the importance of defining key metrics (KPIs) in business and how reliable and useful data collection can lead to making the right decisions for your business and thereby getting better results.

Then, Rodrigo Carvajal, Director of Digital Web Mentality Strategies with Francisca Moreno, Head of Digital Marketing of in which they presented the case of this company with the talk “Measuring Traffic Sources with a First Party Cookie and Google Analytics”, both showed the analysis carried out in their admission processes. Not only did the latter consider the attribution of the traffic source, but all the path the user made to the registration process. This allows you to optimize budgets and orient a campaign towards means that favor the registration of new students.

The day progressed with 4 technical tracks that were developed in parallel, where the speakers implemented the following topics, several of them, with an introduction in the first exhibitions:

  • Scott Herman with “Taking Your Tagging to the Next Level”;
  • Paul Fervoy with “Improving Leads prospecting by connecting Analytics with CRM”;
  • “User Centric Analysis, Remarketing and Multi Channel Funnels” by Madhu Kallazhi,
  • “Success Story: Enhanced Ecommerce in the Education Sector”, with Daniel Guajardo, Senior SeO Consultant, GA, GTM and Eliecer Yévenes, Director of Web Development and Digital Marketing UNAB.

The day closed with the “Round Table: Challenges to build a DreamTeam”, consisting of Diane Pons, Daniel Falcón, Rodrigo Carvajal and Paul Fervoy, where everyone agreed on the importance of investing in the training of professionals, the need to have minimum digital skills, want to learn, perseverance and tolerance to frustration.

Finally, we reaffirm the importance of having built the Digital Intelligence Latam strategic alliance, as it allows us to continue to expand knowledge and experience through those who develop and implement solutions and strategies daily with Google Analytics.

Digital Intelligence is an event organized in Peru, Mexico and Chile in collaboration with Google.

For more information you can go to, where you can see more about events held in other countries and learn about future events.

Note made with information from Paul Fervoy, Salvattore Macedo, Valery Vásquez and Amanda Benavides.


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