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Part I. Chronicle of Internet Tics: Technology and Cellular

On July 26, 2016, El Financiero UNIMER’sRed 506 study was presented. It studies the behavior of users with the internet, social networks and technology. Of the entire population interviewed on 78% he considers technology to be a support at work and in the studio. What do you mean by technology? Mobile devices, tablets, cell phones …

The ad strategy in Gmail

Most people who have Gmail may have come across something like this: Well, this is part of Adwords’ Gmail ad strategy. We well know that email marketing or e-mailing is the mass sending of information to customers (habitual or potential) via email, because then Adwords ads in Gmail inboxes are part of email marketing. That …

AdWords For Business Benefits

Google Adwords offers two different ways to run an ad on the web: pay-per-click and pay-per-thousand impressions. On pay-per-click advertisers pay for search results for keywords relevant to their products or services. To run a successful ad campaign in Google Adwords you need to study and group keywords, use geographic filters, define a daily budget …

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