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Stop all organic activity on social media (Looking for profitability)

By Amanda Esteban and Amanda Jimenez. Avinash Kaushik is one of the most important gurus in the digital medium, this makes him really interesting for his blog. Peeeero, sometimes gets more excited about the account, as in this case, where it takes the time to tell us in a little more than 10 pages about …

Guide to Improved Ecommerce

Any owner, operator or marketeer who is minimally interested in an E-commerce should know that optimizing it and measuring results goes beyond the profit you are generating at the end of the day. We must go further, as in what part of the sales process our users are going, how much is the average ticket, which brand or product is best sold, etc. These insights help us make much more focused decisions that build better results.

MiWeb arrives in Colombia with the Digital Intelligence Alliance

This May he was very moved by the countries belonging to the Digital Intelligence Alliance. During a weekend Paul Fervoy of MiWeb, Hebert Hernández de Abaco in Mexico, Daniel Falcón de Neo, Peru and Pablo González of Mentality Web of Chile,met to organize and standardize the processes to start commercial operations in Colombia. Well, yes! …

En Incubeta operamos bajo una marca compartida que refleja nuestro objetivo: facilitar a las empresas el "llegar al siguiente nivel de crecimiento".

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